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YPHMK report on MK hospital paediatrics department


YPHMK paediatric unit visit

Why we went
We went to the paediatrics department to see if there had been any improvements in the department since our last visit and also to see if what we suggested then had been taken into consideration.

What we were looking for
We are hoping that in some few years to come, the MK hospital paediatrics department will be a place where children as well as teenagers will feel very comfortable and safe if they are admitted.

What we found
We found out that the problem to do with signage had been addressed. We also found out that many leaflets concerning each part of the department had been provided.
Nice themes had been painted and designed on the walls to give the wards a very beautiful background for children.

What we hope will change
We hope that a wide area will be preserved and well designed for teenagers, so that they will have their privacy and feel comfortable when they come into the department.
We also suggested that more magazines and comic books should be provided because most children and teens are not going to be staying in the department for long and people don't have much time to read lengthy books.
We suggested that themes like blue and purple should be used to design wards for teens because teens do not fancy too bright colours.
We also proposed that different curtains should be in the wards to give it a different background

Anything else
Finally, it was a nice tour around the department. We were granted the opportunity to speak to some of the nurses and care professionals. They were very nice and friendly.


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